Interview with Steven Tan of On Point by Taito Games


How has social media influenced your product?

Social media is one of the best representations of life mimicking art. We draw a huge amount of inspiration from posts, comments, trending hashtags and other interactions. We also have a very loyal and growing fan-base and because of this, we are able to talk directly to our end consumers and draw inspiration for ways to not only improve our existing lineup but also invent the new games of the future. This one-to-one connection is one of our greatest assets.

Is there an influencer you are working with right now you’d like us to know about?

We work with a lot of influencers and media to get the word out about our products. We can’t choose just one, we love them all. Although the Stormtroopers who made an impromptu stop at our On Point esports competition at LVLUP was a highlight for sure.

What does experiential marketing mean to you? and how has it helped you reach your target audience?

Esports is by far one of the greatest avenues for experiential marketing. There is no better way to share the passion, attention to detail and unbound creativity of a new game than to have hoards of game enthusiasts not only play our games for the first time but compete for a tournament title. We see the opportunities to take our esports experiences to the next level as endless, so be sure to check us out at our upcoming shows.

How is On Point a safe non-violent game even with its focus on shooting?

We have a bunch of safety features that limit the possibility for someone to get injured, but above all that On Point is really just a modern throwback to Nintendo’s Duck Hunt. It is about the competition of who has the best aim, the fastest reflexes and the ability to track a moving object. We do not use real-world scenarios in our game and we really push the player to focus on mastering their timing and precision. The world’s most industry-defining arcade games from Dance, Dance Revolution to Whack-a-Mole all focus on those same core skills.

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