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Founded by entrepreneur, multimedia producer, marketing strategist Nadya Rousseau, and photographer, writer, and marketing strategist Lauren Jones, Alter New Media began as a digital production house. Now, more squarely working at the intersection of marketing, media, and tech, Alter New Media understands that purpose and profit should never be mutually exclusive and carries this ethos into every project. Alter New Media has supported close to 700 companies, creators, talent, and thought leaders worldwide across multiple industries to date with brand and marketing strategy development, end-to-end digital marketing, influencer marketing, public relations, purposeful partnerships, and digital production. Serving clients that aim to make a lasting impact in the world and disrupt the status quo with their product or service is what drives Alter New Media forward.

What We Do and Why We’re Different

Alter New Media provides purpose-driven marketing, public relations, partnership facilitation, and digital production from a team of trained professionals. We pride ourselves on having a diverse team, with team members based in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Philippines.

Our services are designed to empower companies and creators to obtain their visionary business and/or creative goals while also making a difference in the world. Though industry agnostic, Alter New Media primarily supports companies involved in Web3, technology, e-commerce, social impact, and startups.

As a strategy-first company, we follow a comprehensive, streamlined proprietary process to solve complex branding, marketing, and sales issues and come prepared with an out-of-the-box strategic approach rooted in Guerrilla and relationship marketing. We apply this approach to every customer, influencer talent, and partner we work with.

Alter New Media's approach maintains the ethos for all of our clients and creators: purpose and profit are never mutually exclusive.

Our Vision

Our vision is to positively alter the “new” media landscape via supporting the growth of mission-driven brands, content, activations, and partnerships

By leveraging agile test and learn, today ' s fastest-growing organizations join in digital communities to build engagement and loyalty—and do so with high returns and little risk. Businesses that blend innovation, analytics, and purpose grow at least twice as fast as their competitors.


The primary problem we are solving is helping companies and creators reconcile their desire to do good in the world while also increasing their revenue and profit. The good news is that with the right mission, strategic messaging, and properly structured partnerships, purpose and profit CAN be achieved in tandem. 70% of consumers prefer buying from companies that are aligned with a cause. It would be a disservice to prospective customers not to establish mission-driven positioning, messaging, and partnerships.

Best Solution

Through our cutting-edge creative approach and expertise, we will position you and/or your organization as a purpose-driven leader in your industry. How? With strategy-driven marketing, public relations, and produced content.

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Nadya Rousseau

Founder & CEO

A storyteller since childhood, Nadya Rousseau worked as a professional actor, freelance journalist, and multimedia producer before pivoting to digital marketing and business development.

Lauren Jones

Joint CEO & Co-founder

Lauren Jones is the co-founder and head marketing strategist at Alter New Media. She brings immensely creative and strategic energy to Alter New Media.

Arielle Caputo

Director of Partnerships

Arielle Caputo, blending entertainment, fashion, tech, and social impact, excels in creating impactful projects. At Alter New Media, as Director of Partnerships, she leads purpose-driven initiatives and event marketing, furthering her commitment to meaningful change.


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