A Digital Marketing Agency that values purpose as much as profit

We work with people, organizations, and companies eager to make a difference in the world with their products and services.

Alter New Media: You Are the Company You Keep

You know the saying—you are the five people you hang out with? Well, the same applies to us, we are the five (plus many more) clients we have. Their commonality is a goal to make the world better, to create an impact, and stand out as a leader in their niche. Alter New Media has the tools, resources, and built-in network to uplift and propel clients to the next level, while never forsaking the “why” that drives their missions forward.

Led by social entrepreneur and social media expert Nadya Rousseau, the Alter New Media team understands that #winning can only come from thinking outside the box–while also being on top of the latest digital trends.

Whether you are seeking growth for one social media channel, or need a full comprehensive marketing campaign with influencer marketing and PR–we are here to help.

Our greatest strength, however, is bringing social causes, and standout companies together for common good. Alter New Media’s strategic partnerships forge relationships between nonprofits and for-profits via cause marketing that works. Learn more about our plan to make marketing better.

Some of our Clients


Alter New Media has helped build my nonprofit to a new level. She is very knowledgeable about how to maneuver the social programs on the web and has increased our Instagram presence (we didn't even have one) to over 10,000 followers in less than a year. Nadya Rousseau and her team has also built our Ambassador program which now gives us over a much more significant reach on social media

Linda Rendleman President/CEO, Women Like Us Foundation


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Our Team

Nadya Rousseau
Founder + CEO
A storyteller since childhood, Nadya worked as a professional actor and a freelance journalist before pivoting to digital marketing and business development. To date, Nadya has worked with clients ranging from startups, to nationally recognized law firms, to nonprofits, to entertainers and more.
Lauren Jones
Co-Founder + Social Media Strategist
Lauren brings an immense creative energy to Alter New Media. To date, Lauren has marketed numerous nonprofits, fitness companies, startups, entertainers, and fashionistas through social media. Lauren knows what truly drives brand success, conversions, growing and maintaining an audience, and personalized engagement.
Marija Deanovic
Social Media Manager
Marija is a Social Media Manager and digital rockstar with a huge desire to help businesses--especially impact focused businesses-- rocket their social media presence. Her motto is to “never stop improving yourself” so you’ll always find her learning new stuff about social media and marketing in general.
Joyce Gascon
Instagram Growth Specialist
Joyce Gascon is an energetic, creative and exciting individual. With three years of experience in social media management, content marketing, and branding as a social media evaluator and a freelance fashion stylist. She worked with various brands and influencers. On a personal level, she is an avid social media user herself who is always eager to develop her skills and talents. Being part of Alter New Media as an Instagram Growth Specialist has broadened her experience, and exposed her to a number of different businesses. Given her natural flair for digital marketing, she is made for the role and enjoys thinking outside the box.
Jay Ann Barrientos
Instagram Growth Specialist
Jay Ann Barrientos is an Instagram Growth Specialist experienced in using Canva, Adobe Photoshop Google Docs, Joomla, WordPress, Later and Tailwind. Jay is also an email customer advocate for a few years and doing some data mining on the side.
Web Developer + Designer
Priyank handles web development, design and inbound marketing activities. He believes in the importance of living in the present, and it has helped him greatly in his career. Priyank is crazy about dancing, having fun, and making a positive impact on the world.
Lead Web Developer
Deep is a creative developer and designer and in charge of all web projects at Alter New Media. He considers himself very adventurous and is always up for new challenges. He adores dark coffee and is crazy about driving new cars.
Derek Gamba
Influencer Marketing Director
Derek Gamba was raised and educated in the south before moving to California to pursue professional opportunities. He has worked in various roles in many different creative industries and brings with him a depth of knowledge of the entertainment industry, social media and content creation. Derek has worked for major studios including Sony and Warner Brothers in front of the camera and behind the scenes in the production world. He has also worked professionally in the theatre world, been a published writer, a social media strategist, a red carpet photographer and worked with various companies and influencers doing videography and content creation. Derek is the Influencer Marketing Director at Alter New Media, where he directs and manages brand collaborations with influencers signed to the ANM influencer board and with major influencer aggregators. Derek also mentors influencers and handles pitches for Alter New Media’s PR clients. In his free time, you will probably find him hanging out with his friends and animals while drinking an espresso.
Angelica Dino
Outreach Coordinator/ Executive Assistant
Unafraid of the unknown, Angelica Dino is both an Outreach Coordinator and an Executive Assistant, seasoned enough to deal with administrative tasks, market research, and social media management. Only one call away, she’ll help sort things out for her team and her clients. Lover of all things creative and aesthetic, she also has passion for fashion and architecture. With good moods sponsored by coffee, Angelica loves digging into the latest trends and getting lost in new adventures while leaving a bit of sparkle on her tracks.

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