Let's Shake Up the World Together

We support mission driven and disruptive founders with achieving their goals while making a difference in the world via strategic marketing, publicity, and partnerships.

A Marketing & Media Company That Values Purpose As Much As Profit

We work with people, organizations, and companies eager to make a difference with their content, products, and services.

Purpose-Driven Services
Our services empower companies and creators to obtain their visionary business and creative goals while making a difference in the world.
Strategy-Driven Approach
We follow a comprehensive, streamlined proprietary process to solve complex branding, marketing, and sales issues and come prepared with an out-of-the-box strategic approach rooted in Guerrilla and relationship marketing.
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Commitment to Our Ethos
Alter New Media’s approach maintains the ethos for all our clients and creators: purpose and profit are never mutually exclusive.

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What We Do And Why We're Different

Alter New Media provides purpose-driven marketing, public relations, partnership facilitation, and digital production from a team of trained professionals. We pride ourselves on having a diverse team, with team members based in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Philippines.

Innovative Solutions

Through our cutting-edge creative approach and expertise, we will position you and/or your organization as a purpose-driven leader in your industry. How? With strategy-driven marketing, public relations, and produced content.

Our Vision

Our vision is to positively alter the “new” media landscape via supporting the growth of mission-driven brands, content, activations, and partnerships


What Services We Offer



Alter New Media’s fully comprehensive brand strategy will break down the brand story, what your brand is and why it’s different, your mission, values, personality & phrase bank, core identity, brand mood, and an immediate action plan.


Digital Marketing

Whether you are a burgeoning startup, nonprofit organization, or established corporation, sometimes your marketing approach requires an extra boost.


Public Relations

Public relations is an important component of the promotional mix. Unlike paid marketing initiatives such as promoting your company, public relations focus on earned media and might include unpaid communication methods.


Purposeful Partnerships

A purposeful partnership entails actually sharing the same goals and objectives as our clients. It is not only about delivering a service but also about challenging, celebrating, learning, and creating alongside our clients.


Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with influencers may help your company generate online buzz. Furthermore, it may promote audience engagement and conversions while strengthening your brand's image.


Digital Production

For businesses and entrepreneurs, digital production can be overwhelming and very time-consuming. Alter New Media knows the market's needs and can help you produce short-form content for social media and your digital advertising.

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Event Marketing

Our event marketing approach focuses on immersive and engaging events that captivate guests, reinforce your brand message, and foster meaningful connections.

What They Say About Us

Some of our clients

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