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3 Out of the Box Marketing Strategies

Many articles are published online dedicated to growing your small business with the help of digital marketing. Many possess tried and proven methods that have given small companies the leverage they need to succeed within various industries. We ask ourselves, what are the most successful strategies guaranteed for business owners to achieve success? Partner with…more

Digital Marketing to Enhance Brand Awareness

In today’s digital marketing, brand awareness is key. Every day marketers work with clients to ensure that their target audience recognizes their brand name as easily as how they would identify any other brand like Coke, Dial, Band-Aid, or Sticky notes. With so much competition in every industry, companies must continue to be creative on…more

5 Reasons Why you should Outsource Digital Marketing

It is not easy to manage digital marketing. It requires a lot of time and effort to keep up with the changes in digital channels. Outsourcing digital marketing is the best way to get your business ahead in this competitive market. You can outsource your website design, content writing, social media management, and more so…more

Why Digital Marketing is Important For Your Business

Introduction The pandemic fast-tracked our digital dependency, digital marketing also took off, and it is here to stay. This is because the internet became the primary way to communicate while we were all stuck at home. It also made it easier for people to advertise their products and services and find information on the status…more

The Complete Guide to Digital Marketing

Introduction Digital marketing is a powerful tool companies can use to promote products and services. It’s transforming the way marketers do their jobs. They can use this tool to monitor trends, target customers, and measure their campaign’s effectiveness. The pandemic fast-tracked our digital dependency, digital marketing also took off, and it is here to stay.…more

Top 30 Los Angeles web development agencies.

  Alter New Media Ranked As Top 30 Web Design Agencies in Los Angeles. We want to thank Design Rush for featuring us in their Top 30 Web Development Agencies. To get more information and the rest of the top 30 agencies in LA, please click HERE!

Get the Leads you want through the Latest Methodologies. Here are 10 Tips for better Outreach and better Connection with your Audience.

Get a Clue🔍: Lead generation with the right content doesn’t have to be difficult. 🔍 The types of content that can spark a direct message should produce emotion in the reader, pique their interest, and include a call to action. 🔎 Your audience is looking for a deeper connection. If you’re an influencer, the audience…more

Top 10 Pandemic Pivots for 2021

    2020 sure has been a challenging year for business owners! In today’s marketplace, businesses are becoming more competitive and creative as a necessity for their survival. The recent uptick in coronavirus cases has caused uncertainty in people’s minds and the marketplace. Due to limited capacity, cut hours at work, job losses, and people…more

LVL Up Expo 2020 in Las Vegas

Violent video games and their effects on the youth has been an ongoing debate. At this year’s LVL UP Expo held in February, gamers were invited to participate in a non-violent target shooting game entitled On Point. Participants were expected to score high points for shooting at targets in a target practice setting.No humans or…more

Interview with Steven Tan of On Point by Taito Games

How has social media influenced your product? Social media is one of the best representations of life mimicking art. We draw a huge amount of inspiration from posts, comments, trending hashtags and other interactions. We also have a very loyal and growing fan-base and because of this, we are able to talk directly to our…more