Social Media Marketing: What to Expect in 2023


The social media landscape is constantly evolving and representing exciting opportunities for marketers to take advantage of due to the rise of new technology and shift in consumer preferences. As a result, marketers must change their strategic approach and keep up with the latest trends to maximize their results. We have listed some of the top social media marketing trends you can expect to see in 2023.

A More Personalized Algorithm

The massive success of the video-sharing platform TikTok in recent years has caused some competitors to rethink how their algorithmic systems work. TikTok’s recommendations are highly personalized and effective at engaging users and providing them with an incredibly customized experience.           

During the past months, Meta has made several attempts to improve its systems by utilizing AI-driven algorithms. However, Facebook and Instagram users have been unsatisfied with the quality of the suggested content, leading Meta to increase its research efforts in building more efficient personalization.  

Many platforms strive to create a much more personalized experience for their users; therefore, we expect them to continue improving their AI and suggestion algorithms.

Domination Of Short-Form Video Content

Humans’ attention span has decreased significantly in the past decade. This factor has made short-form videos so popular that platforms like TikTok, Youtube Shorts, and Instagram reels are thriving.

Users spend approximately 1.645 billion hours watching videos on the platform per month, entailing that video posts have a higher engagement rate and a better performance than other content types on social media. According to Cisco Annual Internet Report, as much as 82% of online content will consist of videos this year. This trend is encouraging social media companies to build new options for short-form videos.

Launch of Audio Options by social media giants

Podcasting has grown in popularity over the last 15 years. In the upcoming months, social media channels are expected to capitalize on users’ willingness to consume audio content. Tech analysts state that text is not enough and video is too much; therefore, audio is the perfect medium for social connection and empathy.            

Additionally, social media giants are rolling out their audio-focused features. Twitter has developed voice tweets and Spaces, allowing users to create live conversations with other users. Facebook is making new audio creation features to enable users to create short-form audio clips and launch Live Audio Rooms.

Utilization Of User-Generated Content

Businesses will increasingly incorporate user-generated content into their online marketing strategies as they are 81% more likely to convert. UGC offers various benefits, including that it can help brands look more authentic and is more cost-effective than traditional advertising. Brands that integrate user-generated content have a 20% increase in return on visitors and a 90% boost in the time potential customers spend on their websites. As a result, UGC will become a crucial part of the branding strategy, which will be reflected on several social media platforms this year.

Live Shopping

Live streaming is already a highly profitable industry. Streaming platform Twitch, which focuses on video game content, reported $2.6 billion in revenue in 2021. The e-commerce industry has already integrated live streaming into content and services since many consumers view it as a way to research potential purchases. 

Live stream shopping lets consumers preview products live, have their questions answered by experts, and buy products in real-time. This interactive experience fosters trust between the brands and their customers. Moreover, through livestream shopping, the decision-making period shortens significantly, leading to instant sales.

Nevertheless, in today’s influencer-driven marketing industry, live shopping will offer a new type of entertainment that will combine retail information with larger-than-life social media influencers and creators.

Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence

Augmented reality technology is considered the next big thing in digital advertising. 3D models and representations of products that can be placed in real-life user environments can differentiate brands from the crowd. Companies, small businesses, and creators seek new ways to drive engagement, and AR offers several innovative tools.    

Moreover, artificial intelligence is forecasted to revolutionize how content is created, distributed, and consumed. By employing automation, AI can help creators develop better and more engaging content in dramatically less time. AI-generated content can also reach more people by targeting specific audiences. However, there is considerable debate over the ability of AI to replace the human voice.


Being informed about the latest social media marketing developments is essential to crafting effective strategies and achieving fruitful results in social media. Utilize these trend predictions as thought starters in developing a competitive advantage and differentiating yourself from the crowd. 

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