New Google Ads Performance Max features to implement in your holidays campaign

Are you in the process of planning and executing your Google Ads holiday strategy? Well, you heard it from us first – Google just announced a few updates that can help your business drive website traffic and boost holiday sales.

What is a Performance Max campaign?

A Google Ads Performance MAX campaign is a goal-based campaign type that allows marketers to access and manage their entire Google Ads inventory from a single campaign dashboard. Complementing full keyword-based search campaigns across all Google channels, including Display, Discover, Search, Maps, and Gmail, helps you find higher-quality and convertible leads. As a result, marketers can run comprehensive campaigns that align with your specific sale business objectives. 

Predict P-MAX results with Performance Planner

Performance Planner, previously only available for Search, Shopping, Display, Apps, Video, and Local, is now supported for P-MAX campaigns. It permits marketers to forecast performance and assess what will happen to their campaigns if they adjust particular budgets, goals, and Call Per Action strategies.

Asset Group Planning

You can now create automatic rules for asset groups. For example, you can schedule your ads to run on specific dates and times.


Using the product feed, Google has expanded the P-MAX campaign documentation for online sales campaigns to provide additional insight and explanation. You can see analytics about your product’s performance and popularity, identify issues and receive suggestions on how to improve the future performance of your ads. Furthermore, this information helps retailers determine which products have the most sales growth during the holiday season.

Three best practices for P-MAX campaigns this holiday season:

1- Adjust your P-MAX campaign budget and ROAS or CPA goals before the holiday season. It improves visibility for consumers as they shop.

2- Consider using seasonality adjustments if you have a promotion, sale, or event that you want to improve your conversion rate quickly.

3- Create a separate campaign with your goals and budget if you’re promoting a particular product this holiday season.

Now you know the most significant Google Ads updates and recommendations for improving your ads’ performance. We wish you lots of sales this holiday season!


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