Global Entreprenuership Week Las Vegas Highlights

Reflecting on the Dynamic Global Entrepreneurship Week Las Vegas

Las Vegas, a city known for its vibrant energy and innovation, recently celebrated the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), showcasing a rich tapestry of entrepreneurial spirit. The event, now a part of the city’s illustrious history, brought together business minds from diverse backgrounds and facilitated a series of engaging events, insightful panels, and valuable networking opportunities.

Panels and Fireside Chats at the Ahern Hotel

At the Ahern Hotel, the opening of Global Entrepreneurship Week for the Las Vegas chapter was marked by impactful opening statements from notable figures Elias Benjelloun, Megan Buckley, and Dave Burlin. Each renowned in their respective fields, Elias, Megan, and Dave, brought a blend of insights, experiences, and visions to the fore, highlighting the significance of innovation, collaboration, and community in the entrepreneurial journey.

Their speeches acknowledged entrepreneurs’ challenges and underscored the opportunities and support available within the Las Vegas entrepreneurial ecosystem. This kickoff event at the Ahern Hotel was not just a ceremonial start but a rallying call for entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders to engage, inspire, and drive forward the spirit of entrepreneurship in Las Vegas.

‘Purpose and Success’ Panel: A Gathering of Minds

A highlight of the week was the ‘Purpose and Success’ panel, expertly moderated by Lauren Jones. Panelists Ati Grinspun, Char Modelle, and Nadya Rousseau shared their unique insights, offering a combination of inspiration and practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Fireside Chat with Megan Buckley and Nada Naserdeen

Megan Buckley hosted an engaging fireside chat that became a highlight for attendees, featuring a candid interview with Nada Naserdeen, the founder of Rise Up For You. Nada Naserdeen shared her inspiring story, detailing how Rise Up For You was born out of a passion for creating positive change in both personal and professional realms. She emphasized the importance of self-improvement and confidence-building, central to her company’s philosophy.  Megan Buckley skillfully steered the conversation, touching upon critical leadership and personal growth.

Evolving Ecosystems: Insights from Shaydi, Dave Burlin, and Lisa Song Sutton

In the “Evolving Ecosystems” segment of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, three eminent figures – Shaydi, Dave Burlin, and Lisa Song Sutton – shared their insights, illuminating the dynamic nature of entrepreneurial environments. This discussion highlighted how business landscapes are continually reshaping, influenced by technology, societal shifts, and innovative thinking.

Bagels and Business: Casual Networking Elevated

The Bagels and Business event, hosted by Nadya Rousseau and Lauren Jones, demonstrated the power of informal networking. It was about enjoying delicious bagels and enriching conversations and ideas among attendees, including socialite entrepreneurs Chera Leigh, Savannah Schaffer, Char Modelle, and Keenan Bathan.

Memorable Gatherings at Taverna Costera

Taylor Goodyear and Tyler Gallo hosted their Social Exchange Group’s networking event at Taverna Costera. The fireside chat featuring Desiree Borges and Deejay Ivy May was enlightening and entertaining. The venue’s exceptional food offerings added more enjoyment to these gatherings.

Corrin Shakespear stood out as the Founder and CEO of a locally owned, women-run business making waves with its innovative product, Lowtail. Launched on December 1, 2021, Lowtail offers low-calorie canned mocktails, a response to the limited options available for those who abstain from alcohol, whether for health, lifestyle changes, or family planning reasons.  The introduction of ‘Low-Tail,’ a non-alcoholic cocktail, at the event, reflected the evolving preferences in the beverage industry.

A standout presentation was by Bryan Tepus of Smart Tab, a cutting-edge solution designed to boost top-line revenue for bar owners. Developed by a team with rich backgrounds in the service industry, including former bartenders, servers, GMs, and owners, Smart Tab is uniquely tailored to address the specific challenges and needs of the hospitality sector.

Live Interviews

Additionally, live interviews conducted by Dave Burlin, Elias Benjelloun, and Megan Buckley, with Suriel Cruz leading the videography, captured the essence and key moments of GEW Vegas.

Exploring AI and Empowering Women

Thursday evening also featured a thought-provoking debate on AI at Black Fire Innovation’s RebelWork Classroom and celebrated the achievements of women in business at the EntreprenuHER Mixer. These events sparked important discussions on AI’s societal role and underscored the significance of women’s contributions to entrepreneurship.

Exclusive Networking and After-Hours Events

Sean Kelly’s Digital Social Hour

One of the most anticipated events during the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Las Vegas was Sean Kelly’s Digital Social Hour party. This gathering stood out as a beacon for tech enthusiasts, digital marketers, and business leaders, highlighting networking and celebration adjacent to the heart of the strip.

The Las Vegas Race Week for F1 Meetup and GEW After Dark at Hakkasan Nightclub

With performances by Fat Joe, the event was held at the unique night venue Hakkasan Nightclub. The event offered unique networking opportunities, extending interactions into the night and catering to various business professionals.

F1 Excitement at Venture Venues Industry Mixer

The Venture Venues Industry Mixer and F1 Watch Party combined business networking with the thrill of Formula One. Priced at $70, this event attracted diverse professionals, creating an exciting and dynamic atmosphere.

Startup Showcases and Tech Innovations

LevelUp at WeWork Office Space & Coworking, the BRBCK Launch Party at Taverna Costera, and various Tech Alley events provided platforms for startups to showcase their innovations and network. These gatherings emphasized community building and innovation within the tech and startup sectors.

Looking Back: CES 2024 Software Hardware Gamer Infinity Quest Forum

Reflecting on the CES 2024 Software Hardware Gamer Infinity Quest Forum, the event was a significant highlight for technology enthusiasts and professionals. Scheduled for November 14-15, it showcased the latest in technology and gaming, drawing considerable interest and participation.

In retrospect, the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Las Vegas was a resounding success, offering various events that catered to various aspects of entrepreneurship and technology. From insightful panels to innovative product launches, GEW Vegas contributed significantly to the entrepreneurial spirit of Las Vegas. Alter New Media is proud to provide press for GEW Vegas getting the event mentions in publications such as Yahoo! Finance 

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