Global Entrepreneurship Week Vegas: Insightful Interview by Elias Benjelloun and Megan Buckley with Alter New Media’s Dynamic Duo: Nadya Rousseau and Lauren Jones

Megan Buckley, AI innovator (Titan Ventures), and entrepreneur digital equity and tech entrepreneur Elias Benjelloun recently sat down with Nadya Rousseau and Lauren Jones, the masterminds behind Alter New Media, to discuss their influential roles in Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Vegas and their success in securing a feature on Yahoo! Finance.

Background and Achievements

With Alter New Media, Nadya Rousseau and Lauren Jones are at the forefront of digital marketing innovation. Their recent engagement with GEW Vegas and consequent media recognition, including a feature on Yahoo! Finance, highlights their entrepreneurial excellence. Interviews by Megan Buckley and Elias Benjelloun offer a deeper understanding of their strategies and achievements.

Key Insights

Both Buckley and Benjelloun probed into the duo’s approach to elevating GEW Vegas. Rousseau and Jones shared their journey to gaining significant media attention, emphasizing the importance of storytelling, network building, and leveraging digital platforms. Their insights on navigating the complexities of digital publicity and entrepreneurial challenges were particularly enlightening, showcasing their ability to adapt and innovate in a dynamic market.

Challenges in Entrepreneurship and Media Engagement

Discussing the hurdles in gaining media traction and sustaining entrepreneurial growth, Rousseau and Jones highlighted their strategic methods for overcoming these challenges. They detailed how their focused approach led to the Yahoo! Finance feature, demonstrating the importance of persistence and strategic media relationships in the entrepreneurial world.

Entrepreneurial Innovators

The insightful interviews by Megan Buckley and Elias Benjelloun with Nadya Rousseau and Lauren Jones provide a fascinating glimpse into the world of entrepreneurial innovation. Their role in promoting GEW Vegas and achieving significant media coverage inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers. Their experiences offer valuable lessons in leveraging digital platforms for entrepreneurial success.

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