Reflections and Fun: Customer Contact Week Las Vegas 2024 Was Life-Changing

My First Customer Contact Week -written by Lauren Jones Co-founder of Alter New Media

Customer Contact Week Las Vegas 2024 was an exhilarating experience. Reflecting on it, I’m reminded of how transformative this event was for the customer contact and customer experience (CX) industry. Held from June 3-6, 2024, at the spectacular Caesars Forum, this year’s CCW was packed with insights, connections, and innovations that will undoubtedly shape the future of our field.

  • Thousands of professionals from around the globe provide ample opportunities to connect, share, and learn from each other.
  • The Expo Hall was a hub for discovering cutting-edge technologies and services that can drive your customer contact initiatives forward. Engage in live demos and cultivate new vendor relationships​

The Heart of Learning and Innovation

The sessions at Customer Contact Week Las Vegas 2024 were nothing short of phenomenal. We had the opportunity to attend 165 sessions that delved into the latest trends and strategies in customer contact. With 300 speakers from across the globe, including industry veterans and trailblazing startups, there was no shortage of knowledge and inspiration. ABC News’ Chief Business, Technology, and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis graced the main stage, bringing expertise and engaging presentations.

Networking and Collaboration

Networking was a highlight of the event. With over 5,000 attendees, the energy was palpable as professionals from various sectors connected and shared their experiences. The Expo Hall was a hub of activity, featuring more than 245 exhibitors showcasing groundbreaking technologies and services. It was an incredible opportunity to see live demos and forge new vendor relationships that will drive our initiatives forward.


Lauren Co-founder, of Alter New Media

Tailored Tracks for Every Need

One of the standout features of Customer Contact Week Las Vegas 2024 was the specialized content tracks. Whether you were in retail, banking, healthcare, or travel, there was something tailored to your industry. The focused workshops and summits provided deep insights into crucial topics, ensuring everyone left with actionable insights.

A Comprehensive Agenda

The agenda was thoughtfully curated, from the opening welcome reception on Monday evening to the closing sessions on Thursday. Each day was packed with workshops, networking breaks, and engaging presentations. The CCW Excellence Awards Gala was a memorable evening, celebrating the best in the industry and providing a chance to unwind and network in a relaxed setting.

The Perfect Venue

Caesars Forum in Las Vegas was the perfect backdrop for CCW 2024. Conveniently connected to Harrah’s and The LINQ, it provided an ideal setting for both business and leisure. The vibrant city of Las Vegas added an extra layer of excitement to the event, with many attendees staying on for the weekend to enjoy everything the city offers.

The Voices Of Customer Contact Week Las Vegas 2024


There were many relevant and inspiring speakers at the event. The ones that stood out the most for me were household names in the business and customer contact lexicon. Some of these are highlighted below.

Special Session: John Taffer of Bar Rescue

Adding to the excitement was a session by John Taffer from Bar Rescue. Taffer, known for his expertise in turning around failing bars, brought his unique perspective on customer service and business operations. His dynamic presentation covered the importance of creating a positive customer experience and the impact of effective leadership and management. His action items and engaging delivery left a lasting impression on everyone present.

A Highlight: Martha Stewart as Keynote Speaker

One of the most memorable moments was having Martha Stewart as the keynote speaker. Martha’s presence brought an extra layer of excitement and inspiration to the event. She shared her journey of building a brand emphasizing quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Her insights into maintaining customer loyalty and adapting to market changes were enlightening and motivating.

Insights from Industry Leaders: David Glickman of Mint

Another highlight was the insightful session led by David Glickman of Mint. His presentation focused on leveraging data analytics to enhance customer experience. Glickman shared practical strategies for using data to understand customer behavior better and tailor services to meet their needs effectively. His expertise in integrating AI and machine learning in customer service operations was particularly impactful, providing attendees with forward-thinking approaches to modern challenges.

Immersive Learning Experience

Customer Contact Week Las Vegas 2024 featured an impressive lineup of 165 sessions covering the latest trends and strategies in customer contact. The event brought together 300 speakers, including industry veterans and innovative startup leaders. Each session offered a unique perspective, ensuring attendees were left with actionable knowledge. Some also left with gifts from sponsors during a Spin-the-Wheel Giveaway! The giveaway mc’d by Leigh Roach, Customer Service Manager of Johnston & Murphy was super entertaining and FUN!

Moving Forward Customer Contact Week Las Vegas 2024

Customer Contact Week Las Vegas 2024

Nadya Rousseau Founder and Lauren Jones Co-founder, of Alter New Media

Reflecting on Customer Contact Week Las Vegas 2024, it’s clear that this event was more than just a conference—it was a catalyst for change and innovation in the customer contact industry. At Alter New Media, we’ve always believed in the power of purpose-driven marketing and strategic partnerships, and CCW reinforced the importance of these principles.

The insights and connections we gained from CCW 2024 are already shaping our strategies and helping us push the boundaries of what’s possible in customer experience. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been part of such an inspiring event, and I look forward to implementing all that we learned.

Here’s to the excitement and knowledge gained at Customer Contact Week 2024 #CCWVegas

Written by Lauren Jones
Co-founder & Head Marketing Strategist, Alter New Media

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