3 Out of the Box Marketing Strategies


Many articles are published online dedicated to growing your small business with the help of digital marketing. Many possess tried and proven methods that have given small companies the leverage they need to succeed within various industries. We ask ourselves, what are the most successful strategies guaranteed for business owners to achieve success?

Partner with Influencers

Social media influencers today do not just come with their immense followers. They also come with solid expertise on a subject that initially attracts their followers and consistently helps build loyalty over time amongst their fan base and they are content creators. Pairing up with like-minded groups and individuals like this, small businesses can expand their knowledge and tap into a particular clientele base they might have been unable to reach. With this type of attention gained, influencers can make strong recommendations towards these small businesses where they can eventually watch their brand’s profit margins improve in the long run. For the influencers, the more small companies they encounter, they continue to add to their content by expanding their horizons on what is out there within that particular niche. Meanwhile, the fan base loves it because they get to see and experience something they have never heard or seen before and learn more. 

Use Both Organic and Paid Social Media Post 

To reach potential customers, paid search is a great platform to feature quick promotions to tease your audience and continuously introduce new product features and services throughout the year to clientele already familiar and committed to your brand. In a paid vs. organic search world, we know it’s easier to set your target criteria to attract your desired audience. However, it can be more rewarding when clients can automatically identify your brand just by knowing what you do and trusting that your brand will consistently deliver no matter what. This is the power of organic search by simply finding your brand through trusted content, reviews, and other digital sources that place your brand name into the expert category in the audience. However, through consistent content development, an increase in engaging activities with the audience helps to establish trust where the audience continuously remembers your efforts and is more willing to commit to your brand in the long run. 

Expand your Horizons

Every day we see all sorts of growth and changes in the digital space. New social media platforms are being introduced to the market daily. These new social media platforms allows small business owners to be featured on more than one platform to expand their horizons. But having a good understanding of where your audience can be found frequently is crucial. Knowing when the landscape changes and even when the brand’s voice changes over time is essential to know if this digital space is still adequate for the brand. The constant growth of the digital space gives small businesses a chance to pivot as we see new tech and digital spaces emerge over time. Meanwhile, for companies to be ready for this digital growth, they should remain at the forefront by staying current on their website and social media platforms. They should remain consistent by sharing new promotional features and continue to engage and manage their online reviews to strengthen the brand’s connection with their audience.

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