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“STANDING ON BUSINESS” – A Game-Changing Networking Event Coming to Las Vegas

January 22, 2024, Las Vegas, Nevada – The business community is excited about the “STANDING ON BUSINESS” networking event scheduled for January 28th, 2024, in Las Vegas. Organized by WRLDCLSS EVENTS, this event is shaping up to be a pivotal gathering for high-caliber business professionals looking to kickstart their year with powerful connections and insights.

A New Breed of Networking Experience

“STANDING ON BUSINESS” is set to transcend traditional networking norms. This isn’t your average business mixer; it’s a holistic experience featuring gourmet cuisine, top-shelf beverages, and exciting giveaways. It’s tailored for driven business owners and professionals who are serious about growth and meaningful interactions.

Spotlight on Diverse Industry Leaders

The event showcases a lineup of influential figures, each a leader in their field:

  • RC Simon, a 7-figure entrepreneur, will explore digital dropshipping and the intricacies of running productized agencies.
  • Nikk Legend, with his 8-figure business experience, will offer insights into time management and business automation.
  • Harut Kirajyan, The BuiltCEO, will discuss scaling online fitness coaching, backed by his successful coaching of over 15,000 clients.
  • Brandon Bowsky, a serial entrepreneur, will delve into the use of AI technology in business, drawing from his extensive experience in the insurance sector.
  • Chera Leigh will share her digital marketing journey, including how she made over $600K in 2023 without any physical products.
  • Akiva Kim Bikineev, founder of Bikini Fitness, will talk about her journey in the fitness industry and her focus on women’s empowerment.

Innovative Format for Engagement

The event will feature four detailed slide deck presentations covering critical business topics and a ‘Boss Babe’ Q&A panel discussing various aspects of entrepreneurship and social media.

Exclusivity at its Core

“STANDING ON BUSINESS” boasts an exclusive, undisclosed location accessible only to ticket holders. This setting ensures an optimal environment for networking and learning. Tickets are available at $47.99 for General Admission, with door tickets at $57.99, depending on availability.

About the Event

“STANDING ON BUSINESS” is an initiative by WRLDCLSS EVENTS, known for creating impactful networking events. This event represents their commitment to providing more than just networking opportunities – it’s about fostering an environment for growth and success.

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