Recap: “STANDING ON BUSINESS” Event Transforms Networking in Las Vegas

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This past Sunday evening, the much-anticipated “STANDING ON BUSINESS” networking event, organized by WRLDCLSS EVENTS, successfully concluded, leaving attendees inspired and connected. Held at an exclusive, undisclosed location in Las Vegas, the event drew a diverse group of high-level business professionals and entrepreneurs from various industries.


A Night of Insightful Discussions and Networking



The event started with a welcome speech by the founder of WRLDCLSS EVENTS, Keenan Bathan, who emphasized the importance of meaningful connections and continuous learning in business. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as attendees mingled, enjoying gourmet cuisine and premium drinks.

He started the night, sharing his journey to Vegas without knowing anyone and living in his car. It was not overnight, but he began building an immense network of business owners, realtors, and entrepreneurs who also wanted to meet like-minded individuals who wanted to build and grow together.  His story was both impressive and inspiring. Keenan shared some intimate experiences in the realm of networking, business, and wealth creation. He shared his successes and struggles. Keenan brought high energy and positivity and invoked these attributes from the crowd.


Keynote Speakers Deliver Game-Changing Insights

The highlight of the evening was the lineup of keynote speakers, each bringing unique perspectives and valuable insights:

RC Simon captivated the audience with his talk on digital dropshipping and the potential of digital products, providing practical tips for business scalability. He also offered a workshop on no-code Saas, the next wave of success. 

Nikk Legend shared powerful strategies for automating business processes and buying back time, resonating with entrepreneurs looking to streamline their operations.

Harut Kirajyan, The BuiltCEO, delivered an engaging presentation on scaling online fitness coaching businesses, highlighting the impact of personalized coaching and digital marketing. He also highlighted the importance of your network. 

Chera Leigh shared her inspiring story of success in digital marketing, emphasizing resilience and the power of online platforms during the ‘Boss Babe’ Q&A.

Akiva Kim Bikineev ended the speaker sessions with a compelling talk on women’s empowerment through fitness, sharing her journey in founding Bikini Fitness during the ‘Boss Babe’ Q&A. 

Interactive Sessions 

The event also featured interactive slide deck presentations covering key business topics and a ‘Boss Babe’ Q&A panel, where attendees could ask questions and gain deeper insights from the speakers. The night was interspersed with special offers, adding an element of excitement and surprise.

A Conducive Environment for Meaningful Connections

The secret location provided an intimate setting that encouraged open conversations and networking. Attendees reported making significant connections, with many expressing appreciation for the event’s exclusivity and focus on quality interactions. Attendees enjoyed the food and libations. 

Looking Forward

As the evening ended, Keenan Bathan thanked the attendees and speakers, highlighting the event’s success in creating a unique business growth and networking platform. He asked that everyone enter the courtyard for photo ops and networking. Plans for the next “STANDING ON BUSINESS” event are already underway, promising to be another must-attend event for business professionals.

“STANDING ON BUSINESS” has set a new benchmark for networking events in Las Vegas, combining insightful talks, a conducive environment for networking, and an overall experience that goes beyond the conventional. It is a testament to WRLDCLSS EVENTS’ commitment to creating meaningful professional growth and connection platforms.

Save the Date

On Saturday, February 3rd, from 10 am to 2 pm, an exclusive live masterclass is scheduled to take place, offering attendees a rare opportunity to elevate their digital marketing expertise. Initially priced at $499, the event is now available at the discounted rate of $299, presenting an unparalleled value for participants.

Organized by industry leaders, the masterclass aims to arm entrepreneurs and digital marketers with cutting-edge strategies to enhance their online presence. The session promises a deep dive into creating a prolific content ecosystem, enabling participants to produce over 100 pieces of content weekly with less than 10 hours of effort. Key highlights include mastering content automation and publication, executing stress-free product launches, and developing content that effectively drives sales.

Further, the event focuses on building a monetizable personal brand and community, exploring avenues for generating monthly recurring revenue. Insights into no-code SaaS secrets and personalized business roadmaps are also on the agenda. Most of the masterclass is dedicated to leveraging digital real estate and setting up efficient automation workflows, providing attendees with a blueprint for success in the digital world.

This masterclass is a learning opportunity and a networking event, bringing together visionaries passionate about crafting impactful personal brands and thriving online communities. As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, this masterclass represents a crucial step for professionals looking to stay ahead in the game.

Tickets are currently available for purchase, with organizers urging interested parties to secure their spots promptly to benefit from the comprehensive learning experience and exclusive bonuses offered to live attendees.

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Written by

Lauren Jones, Co-founder, Alter New Media



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