Empowering Entrepreneurship: How Strategic PR Fueled GEW’s Global Impact

Navigating the realm of Public Relations (PR) can be like steering a ship through ever-changing seas. Strategic Public Relations isn’t just about firefighting crises or spinning news in your favor. It’s about crafting and maintaining a narrative that aligns seamlessly with your organization’s goals and ethos.


Public Relations (PR) is an integral part of any organization’s communication strategy, and adopting a strategic approach to PR can significantly enhance a company’s reputation and success. 


While harnessing the power of public relations for your brand is crucial, Strategic PR elevates this to a game-changing level. You create an unstoppable synergy by identifying the problems your business solves and aligning with relevant entities, events, or individuals. 

Why Strategic PR?

Strategic Public Relations helps you manage and guide perceptions of your business in the media and public eye. It’s not just about handling crises or spinning stories; it’s about creating a deliberate, cohesive narrative that aligns with your business objectives and values.


Strategic Public Relations isn’t just about firefighting crises or spinning news in your favor. It’s about crafting and maintaining a narrative that aligns seamlessly with your organization’s goals and ethos.

Key Pillars of Strategic PR


Know Your Audience: This is your compass. Understanding who you are talking to, their likes, dislikes, and media consumption habits is crucial.


Consistency in Messaging: Your message should be like a lighthouse – clear and steady, ensuring it resonates with your audience and mirrors your brand’s values.


Forge Media Relations: Cultivating relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers is akin to having a fleet of supportive ships, helping to amplify your message.


Crisis Management: This is your lifeboat. Always be prepared with a plan that includes rapid and transparent communication.


Measure Your Success: Use the right tools to track the effectiveness of your PR efforts and be ready to adjust your sails as needed.


The Role of Digital Media in Strategic PR

Social media and online platforms play a crucial role in PR. They provide direct channels to engage your audience and offer real-time monitoring and feedback. Incorporating digital media into your PR strategy is not just beneficial; it’s essential.


Celebrating Entrepreneurial Excellence: The Role of Strategic PR in GEW 2023’s Success


November 2023 in Nevada Las Vegas was not just about the bright lights and high stakes; it celebrated entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.


Our founders, Nadya Rousseau and Lauren Jones, played a pivotal role in the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Vegas, showcasing the power of strategic public relations (PR) in elevating such a significant event.


Our founder’s efforts and contributions to the success of the GEW held in Nevada in November 2023 have not gone unnoticed. They will also receive a Certificate of Recognition from Lt. Governor Stavros Anthony. 


This prestigious acknowledgment is a testament to their exceptional contributions to GEW and the entrepreneurial landscape of Nevada. Their innovative approach to PR elevated GEW and set a new standard in fostering collaboration and growth within the entrepreneurial community.


Their proficiency in curating this event helped gain public attention and was also a strategic maneuver that brought together diverse minds, fostering an ecosystem where ideas could intermingle and thrive.


Global Entrepreneurship Week presents a great networking opportunity for business owners in Nevada. It’s also a global movement empowering entrepreneurs worldwide. GEW is a learning and growth platform with global activities and competitions. It invites participation from everyone, from seasoned business owners to budding entrepreneurs, to contribute to and benefit from this rich entrepreneurial ecosystem.


GEW 2023’s success was also due to the relentless dedication of a team of individuals, including State Coordinator Dave Burlin, Las Vegas Community Organizer Megan Buckley, and representatives from influential organizations such as Hunter Marketing, Social Exchange Group, and Oscuro Creations, who will also be receiving an award of recognition for their contribution to the success of this event. Their collaborative efforts ensured the event was a seamless and impactful experience for all attendees.


At Alter New Media, the approach to PR is innovative and forward-thinking. Nadya and Lauren’s strategy for GEW 2023 involved identifying critical problems businesses face and aligning their PR efforts with relevant entities and events. 


This approach created a synergy that benefited GEW and highlighted the potential of strategic collaborations in business growth.


Strategic PR should be an integral part of any business’s marketing strategy. Whether you aim to increase visibility, build your brand, or connect with new audiences, a well-crafted PR strategy can be your guiding star. Contact us for your strategic PR needs. 

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