Our Executive Team

Nadya Rousseau
Founder & CEO

A storyteller since childhood, Nadya Rousseau worked as a professional actor, freelance journalist, and multimedia producer before pivoting to digital marketing and business development.

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Lauren Jones
Co-Founder & Marketing Strategist

Lauren Jones is the co-founder and head marketing strategist at Alter New Media. She brings immensely creative and strategic energy to Alter New Media.

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Derek Gamba
Marketing Director

Derek Gamba is the Marketing Director at Alter New Media, where he directs and manages outcomes of client deliverables, including content creation ranging from static content to video. He is also responsible for developing and editing videos.

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Loly Zamriver
Web Services Director

Loly Zamriver is Alter New Media's Web Services Director. Born in Mexico, raised in the United States, and currently living in Ecuador, Loly is able to use her multicultural background to effectuate top-notch websites that guarantee customer satisfaction.

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Cait Montalbano
EA/Project Manager

Cait Montalbano is the executive assistant to Nadya Rousseau and the Alter New Media team's project manager. Cait has a background in photography, graphic design, and business consulting in many different areas..

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Zachary Kern-Schnall
Director of Strategic Partnerships


Dimitra Karagianndi

Dimitra is a freelancer based in Athens, Greece. She is a strong media and communication professional with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Digital Systems, with a high interest in Social Media, Graphic Design, and Marketing.

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Dan Le
Public Relations

Dan Le currently works in Public Relations for Alter New Media and provides articles and press releases for many clients from diverse industries. From Montreal, Canada, she is an avid learner and believes in the power of strategic partnerships. She enjoys a good coffee, traveling, and taking life head-on when she's not writing.


Joyce Gascon
Graphic Designer

Joyce Gascon, Filipino Digital Marketer. An organized and creative individual with marketing skills. Possess 5 years of experience in social media management, content marketing, and branding.

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Sonia Lombardo
Copy Writer

Born and bred in Sicily, Sonia has studied to become an interpreter and translator, but life took her elsewhere. Sonia's native language is Italian, but she is also proficient in English, Spanish, and French, plus a bit of Russian.

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Nicole Wanjala

Nicole is a content creator at Alter New Media. She creates graphics for social media posts, newsletters, advertisements, lead magnets and supports other digital marketing initiatives.

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Froebel Mata
Lead Gen

Froebel Mata is an assistant lead generation specialist. He also assists in scheduling clients' social media content. Froebel has a background in data analytics, video editing, and SEO.

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Eszter Chrobacsinszky
Copywriter Intern

Eszter has been in love with words ever since she taught herself to read at the age of 4. But there were only so many books to read in her native Hungarian, so she quickly added English to the mix.

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Juviand Rivera
Graphic Design Intern

Juviand Rivera, originally from America, is now based in Australia. She is one of our graphic design interns. Juvi works on creating excellent content for our client's social media.

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Holly Villagra
Influencer Intern
Holly Villagra, based in Australia, is our digital content creator intern. With a background in fashion design, Holly's role involves creating visuals and writing pieces for our Open Wardrobe x Threading Change Purposeful Partnership. Read More
June Javelosa
Copywriter Intern

June Javelosa is a writer currently living and working in Manila. Her areas of focus span creative writing, internal communications, corporate communications, PR, marketing, science, music, and politics. She's an avid sci-fi nerd, B-movie junkie, with an impressive memory for random 90s pop culture trivia.