Executive Team

Nadya Rousseau
Founder & CEO

A storyteller since childhood, Nadya Rousseau worked as a professional actor, freelance journalist, and multimedia producer before pivoting to digital marketing and business development.

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Lauren Jones
Co-Founder & Marketing Strategist

Lauren Jones is the co-founder and head marketing strategist at Alter New Media. She brings immensely creative and strategic energy to Alter New Media.

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TT Tran
Executive Assistant
As the Executive Assistant, TT acts as Nadya's right hand. With a BBA background and experience in the corporate world, TT helps assist in Nadya's day to day business as well as supporting the rest of the team assuring operations run smoothly.
Olga Kvach

Operations/Team Management

Angela Kay L Guico
Project Manager
Angela gained proficiency and expertise in Project Management and Business Administration for Digital Marketing Agencies. She manages the projects within ANM and handles client contact as wel as internal communications

PR/Influencer Marketing

Dannie Le
PR and Influencer Marketing Coordinator

Dan Le currently works in Public Relations for Alter New Media and provides articles and press releases for many clients from diverse industries. From Montreal, Canada, she is an avid learner and believes in the power of strategic partnerships. She enjoys a good coffee, traveling, and taking life head-on when she's not writing.

Stacie Molina
PR & Marketing Assistant
Stacie currently interns for Public Relations and Influencer Marketing for Alter New Media. She is an avid learner.

Web Development Team

Surbhi Khatri
Surbhi is a Founding Partner at Shades of media. She assumes the roles of business development lead and marketing professional at shades of media. After working in sales and business development for several years she found her passion in the web and never looked back.
Payal Suthar
In-house Web Designer/Developer
Payal is Website Design and Developer. She is working within this from past 5 years.
Loly Zamriver
Web Developer
Loly Zamriver is Alter New Media's Web Services Director. Born in Mexico, raised in the United States, and currently living in Ecuador, Loly is able to use her multicultural background to effectuate top-notch websites that guarantee customer satisfaction.


Derek Gamba
Video Producer & Content
Derek Gamba is the Marketing Director at Alter New Media, where he directs and manages outcomes of client deliverables, including content creation ranging from static content to video. He is also responsible for developing and editing videos.
Dimitra Karagianndi
Graphics & Content Creator
Dimitra is a freelancer based in Athens, Greece. She is a strong media and communication professional with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Digital Systems, with a high interest in Social Media, Graphic Design, and Marketing. Read More
Ira Dumalag
Virtual Assistant/Graphic Designer
Ira is a graphic designer and content creator at Alter New Media. She also schedules posts and does engagement on Facebook.
David Chernin
Video Editor Assistant
David is a video and research assistant for Alter New Media. He is very passionate about film and is a Film and Screen Studies student at Pace University hoping to get exposure to the field and influence/help any projects he can get his hands on.
Nicole Wanjala
Graphic Designer/Content Creator

Nicole is a content creator at Alter New Media. She creates graphics for social media posts, newsletters, advertisements, lead magnets and supports other digital marketing initiatives.

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Elechi Uba Solomon
Content Creator
Elechi is a Nigerian copywriter and content creator at Alter New Media. He is passionate about creating content that helps businesses connect with their audience in a way that is authentic, engaging, and relevant to the business. When he is not on his keyboard making content, he could be found playing video games or watching an episode of Big Bang theory.
Ariane de Melo
Content Creator
Ariane de Melo creates. That’s what she would say if you asked her what she does and who she is. Ariane is a published fiction author who creates mostly fiction stories involving magical worlds and uses them to talk about human pain more beautifully. She makes poetry out of life and every aspect of it, using written words. Ariane de Melo creates, for that’s who she is.
Aldous Antonio
Content Creator
Aldous or Dos is a Filipino content creator at Alter New Media. He creates graphics for social media posts, newsletters, advertisements, lead magnets and supports other digital marketing initiatives.
Audrey Cayetano
Content Creator

Engagement Team