3 Out of the Box Marketing Strategies

Many articles are published online dedicated to growing your small business with the help of digital marketing. Many possess tried and proven methods that have given small companies the leverage they need to succeed within various industries. We ask ourselves, what are the most successful strategies guaranteed for business owners to achieve success?

Partner with Influencers

Social media influencers today do not just come with their immense followers. They also come with solid expertise on a subject that initially attracts their followers and consistently helps build loyalty over time amongst their fan base and they are content creators. Pairing up with like-minded groups and individuals like this, small businesses can expand their knowledge and tap into a particular clientele base they might have been unable to reach. With this type of attention gained, influencers can make strong recommendations towards these small businesses where they can eventually watch their brand’s profit margins improve in the long run. For the influencers, the more small companies they encounter, they continue to add to their content by expanding their horizons on what is out there within that particular niche. Meanwhile, the fan base loves it because they get to see and experience something they have never heard or seen before and learn more. 

Use Both Organic and Paid Social Media Post 

To reach potential customers, paid search is a great platform to feature quick promotions to tease your audience and continuously introduce new product features and services throughout the year to clientele already familiar and committed to your brand. In a paid vs. organic search world, we know it’s easier to set your target criteria to attract your desired audience. However, it can be more rewarding when clients can automatically identify your brand just by knowing what you do and trusting that your brand will consistently deliver no matter what. This is the power of organic search by simply finding your brand through trusted content, reviews, and other digital sources that place your brand name into the expert category in the audience. However, through consistent content development, an increase in engaging activities with the audience helps to establish trust where the audience continuously remembers your efforts and is more willing to commit to your brand in the long run. 

Expand your Horizons

Every day we see all sorts of growth and changes in the digital space. New social media platforms are being introduced to the market daily. These new social media platforms allows small business owners to be featured on more than one platform to expand their horizons. But having a good understanding of where your audience can be found frequently is crucial. Knowing when the landscape changes and even when the brand’s voice changes over time is essential to know if this digital space is still adequate for the brand. The constant growth of the digital space gives small businesses a chance to pivot as we see new tech and digital spaces emerge over time. Meanwhile, for companies to be ready for this digital growth, they should remain at the forefront by staying current on their website and social media platforms. They should remain consistent by sharing new promotional features and continue to engage and manage their online reviews to strengthen the brand’s connection with their audience.

Digital Marketing to Enhance Brand Awareness

In today’s digital marketing, brand awareness is key. Every day marketers work with clients to ensure that their target audience recognizes their brand name as easily as how they would identify any other brand like Coke, Dial, Band-Aid, or Sticky notes. With so much competition in every industry, companies must continue to be creative on how they can push their brand names to the forefront and stand out ahead of the competition. So that their target audience chooses their brand every time. But to get to this stage, marketers have the huge task of making their client’s brands relatable to their target audience. And on a digital platform, there are multiple marketing channels, tools, and strategies on how to get this done. The first thing that clients need to know are the benefits that a digital platform can offer to strengthen their brand awareness with their audience such as the capability of reaching more people, its cost-effectiveness, and how results can be easily measured. It also helps to level out the playing field, especially for small emerging companies. The direct interaction between your brand and its audience is seamless and allows brands to personalize to certain clients and meet new ones at the same time. But here are the various channels, tools, and strategies used by marketers below.

SEO Roles

Of course, when we think about SEO we automatically think about Google, Bing, YouTube, and other search engines that optimize some of the top web pages. But many want to know how can their website get to one of the top ten if not the top three of the search engines to increase their visibility. One solution is the use of keywords used throughout the content which will strengthen the brand’s awareness by showing its authority on the subject matter, giving solutions to everyday problems, and creating value for your target audience. This type of content creation is vital to brand awareness because it allows the audiences to see the brand as informative, cutting edge, and committed to the cause rather than trying to gain a sale. But to get this to the stage, the brand should also have a strong understanding of its audience, their needs, and how to communicate effectively.

Knowing your audience

For instance, storytelling on various social media platforms is one strategy that most brands use to keep their audience informed, engaged, and entertained. It’s important to know the tone of your audience so that you select the best social media platform available and that content remains relatable and a strong connection is established between the brand and its audience. Successful brands also approach this strategy with specific goals in mind which keep them on track of how far their overall brand has reached their audience through impressions, likes, comments, and shares. Once brands have gained the attention of their audience. Their level of continuity in sharing information and keeping clients engaged is vital to keeping the brand relevant in the eyes of the audience.

The Strategy

To leverage this, many brands get creative and form partnerships with influencers or other brands to strengthen their brand name. For some brands, this has proven to be effective and can allow each brand to tap into a wider audience that would have been difficult to reach. Another strategy is retargeting and remarketing campaigns towards audiences that have initially opened the original content from email marketing efforts and paid-per-click ads. This allows brands to explain to their audience in more detail what their brand has to offer and have a higher chance of converting this audience into a client in the future. In essence, the name of the game is to introduce your audience to what you can do for them and to show them how your brand can produce value and change their lives for the better. As the brand’s original content continues to syndicate and is shared amongst a wider audience places the brand in a stronger position where the audience gets to know them better, trust is built and clients are soon created.

5 Reasons Why you should Outsource Digital Marketing

It is not easy to manage digital marketing. It requires a lot of time and effort to keep up with the changes in digital channels. Outsourcing digital marketing is the best way to get your business ahead in this competitive market.

You can outsource your website design, content writing, social media management, and more so that you don’t have to worry about them anymore. The main reason for outsourcing digital marketing is that you may lack time to give it the proper attention it deserves. Read on to understand why you should outsource digital marketing.

1. Get Skilled Help From A Team With Experience in Digital Marketing

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, and with it, the skills needed to succeed. The best way to ensure success is to get skilled help from a team with experience in digital marketing.

Skilled help can provide you with the right advice on using the latest marketing tools, understanding metrics and social media strategies, and creating compelling content that will resonate with your target audience.

A digital marketing team can help you create an effective marketing strategy, content tactics, and analytics. With these skills, you can spot opportunities to lead your business in the best direction for your company and brand.

2. Cut Costs and Increase Revenue in the Long Term

Digital marketing is a competitive industry, with the top players making it difficult for small businesses to compete. Outsourcing allows small companies to access world-class tools at a steal price. The companies can focus on running their business and generating revenue.

A marketer’s job is to ensure the company’s digital marketing efforts are effective and efficient. Companies can hire a marketer or buy marketing tools; however, both these options are more expensive than outsourcing. Digital agencies have the expertise that small business owners need to succeed in this competitive industry without investing in expensive marketing tools or hiring personnel.

3. Simplify and Boost Your Content Creation Process

Outsourcing digital marketing can help you simplify your content creation process. It allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while outsourcing tasks that are time-consuming and require a lot of expertise.

It is challenging for a person to keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing and data analytics. You need a team of experts to create great content for your website and social media channels to keep your audience engaged and loyal. Digital agencies help companies create consistent content for their audience. They also reach out to those audiences through social media marketing and SEO. Furthermore, they help companies maintain engagement with their audience by providing fresh content that is relevant to them and not just filler or fluff content.

4. Improve Your Time-to-Market

Digital marketing is a time-consuming process that requires lots of time and effort. Finding the right content for your audience can be difficult when you are busy with other tasks. Outsourcing digital marketing services can help save you time.

Digital agencies have the capability of producing batches of content in a short period. The content can then be repurposed and reused on various platforms. These operations cut the time required to create and edit content by yourself.

5. Increase your Competitive Advantage

Digital agencies have the knowledge and expertise to assist companies in their digital marketing needs. They can provide a one-stop-shop for all their needs – research and strategy, content creation, social media management, SEO, and more.

Digital agencies can also provide access to world-class marketing tools that help companies understand what’s working for them and what isn’t. Moreover, agencies have worked with many companies and thus understand the digital trends of industries. This knowledge can help you understand your customer’s pain points and work to satisfy their needs.

Why Digital Marketing is Important For Your Business


The pandemic fast-tracked our digital dependency, digital marketing also took off, and it is here to stay. This is because the internet became the primary way to communicate while we were all stuck at home. It also made it easier for people to advertise their products and services and find information on the status of the pandemic. With more people exploring and engaging with social media than ever before, it makes sense for businesses to use this tool to create awareness of their products or services. Here are more reasons why digital marketing is Important for your business.

Cost Effectiveness

Digital marketing is cost-effective because it generally costs less. Digital marketing has traditionally been the cheapest form of marketing, with digital ads costing as little as a penny per click. And while the cost to produce digital ads has gone up, the price of these ads has remained low compared to other forms of advertising.

Digital marketing is also an efficient and effective use of resources. Digital marketers can more easily target specific audiences using social media and other online platforms for their campaigns. This allows them to optimize their time by focusing on one particular area or customer segment instead of spreading themselves too thin across all potential customers in a given market.

Mobile Acess

The world has gone mobile. People are using their phones for everything from banking to shopping to socializing. The same is true for digital marketing, which has also gone mobile.

Digital marketing is no longer just about creating a website or an app. It’s also about maintaining up-to-date social media platforms. Social media allows businesses to connect with users worldwide in different time zones. This is important because it ensures a global audience of potential customers to interact with your brand and build relationships through your content. 

Brand Awareness

Digital marketing has fundamentally changed the way businesses advertise their products. The popularity of websites and social media has allowed them to create brand awareness and accurately target their audience. With so many different channels and opportunities, it is easier than ever for businesses to reach out to potential customers.

There are many different strategies that companies use to promote their brands and grow their business. Some popular tactics include social media, email, blogs, and video marketing. Companies can use various software such as Google Analytics to track results. These powerful analytics allow marketers to better understand the channels most effectively for their business.

Lead Generation

Digital marketing efforts such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Content Marketing, and Social Media can generate leads for businesses. Managers can track digital advertisements to show how many people interacted with your content. They can use this information to target potential buyers.

For effective marketing, a company must hire experts to formulate a unique digital marketing strategy to ensure the company realizes its goals. The strategy should contain several marketing activities geared towards generating leads that convert to sales.


The Complete Guide to Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a powerful tool companies can use to promote products and services. It’s transforming the way marketers do their jobs. They can use this tool to monitor trends, target customers, and measure their campaign’s effectiveness. The pandemic fast-tracked our digital dependency, digital marketing also took off, and it is here to stay. This is because the internet became the primary way to communicate while we were all stuck at home. It also made it easier for people to advertise their products and services and find information on the status of the pandemic. 

With more people exploring and engaging with social media than ever before, it makes sense for businesses to use this tool to create awareness of their products or services. Here is our complete guide to digital marketing.

What Does Digital Marketing Cover?

Digital marketing is a subset of marketing that uses digital technologies to promote products and services. It is also an umbrella term for the various activities involved in marketing products or services using digital technologies, such as social media, search engine optimization, e-commerce, and display advertising.

Digital marketing has helped companies scale their business by reaching out to new customers cost-effectively. It has allowed companies to reach more interested people in their products or services.

A vast number of different professionals and experts are needed in Digital Marketing. These professionals include; graphic designers, writers, bloggers, content creators, and social media managers, among others.

Graphic designers are responsible for the design of digital marketing materials. They use their creativity to create aesthetically pleasing designs that will attract the customer’s attention and make them want to engage with the content.

Writers are responsible for writing content companies will use in the digital marketing campaign or project. They write text such as blogs, social media posts, articles, etc., which managers can use for various purposes such as generating leads or educating customers about a specific product or service.

Bloggers write blogs that share helpful information that attract audiences searching for solutions.

Content creators create a wide range of posts that enable audiences to interact with your brand and understand it better. These are the key people that can drive brand awareness and loyalty.

Social media managers are responsible for monitoring social channels, measuring performance, and creating strategies to help a business realize its results.

How to Implement Digital Marketing in Your Business

Companies can choose to deal with digital marketing in-house or outsource to experts. The main goal of these efforts is to build brand awareness and expertise, which would eventually drive sales and build brand loyalty. Businesses should also have a management strategy to ensure the goals are clearly defined and the people hired are working towards them. 

We encourage SMEs to outsource their digital marketing to a professional agency. Digital agencies have access to all the latest tools, know how to use them efficiently, and can offer expertise in all digital services. This will save you time and money and help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Digital marketing software is an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. It can help businesses with their digital marketing needs and automate some of the content creation processes.

Knowing which digital marketing software is best for your business can be complex, with many options. Here are some things to consider when choosing a tool:

– What are your business goals?

– What type of content do you need?

– How much time do you have to spend on social media?

– What budget do you have available?

We recommend hiring experts with experience and access to the latest software to eliminate guesswork from your digital marketing strategy.

Our marketing team at Alter New Media has a wide range of skill sets, including copywriting, graphic design, and video production. We offer various services, including social media management, content marketing, public relations, and influencer marketing. We can help you create high-quality content for all channels and platforms and are thrilled to help your business reach its goals. 

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Get the Leads you want through the Latest Methodologies. Here are 10 Tips for better Outreach and better Connection with your Audience.

Get a Clue🔍: Lead generation with the right content doesn’t have to be difficult.

The types of content that can spark a direct message should produce emotion in the reader, pique their interest, and include a call to action.
Your audience is looking for a deeper connection. If you’re an influencer, the audience is influenced by your lifestyle, engaging conversations, authenticity, and the products you use. Brand partnerships and nonprofit partnerships are essential for an influencer’s success in scale their following and monetization.
If you’re a brand, your audience wants to know why your product or service is beneficial to them, what you’re doing for communities, authenticity rather than performative actions. Partnerships with influencers and nonprofits are essential for reaching your ideal customers and taking real action for causes you genuinely care about and are aligned with your mission.
These are a few mistakes you want to avoid as an influencer or brand on social media.
1. Content that doesn’t include a caption or short microblog.
2. Abrasive content that doesn’t inspire but is a complete downer instead.
3. Low-resolution photos that won’t help the platform better place your content in front of your audience.
4. Not crediting reshares on your feed.
5. No bio and no bio link. Link tree is the best!
6. Not commenting back to comments on your content. People want engagement but have a tendency not to engage.
6. Not making use of following niche-specific hashtags and engaging with the posts under those hashtags.
7. Too long captions can bore your audience, or the content can be perceived as compelling. Try to mix it up.
8. Learn and adapt to the changes made on your social media channels.
9. Engage with your followers to create value-driven membership communities for them to join, referral opportunities, giveaways, contests, interactives, and subscription services to maintain a solid relationship with your customers.
10. Hire a full-service marketing agency like @alternewmedia to do your marketing strategy, publicity, influencer marketing, consulting, and, if needed, a brand strategy to find your aesthetic and voice.

Top 10 Pandemic Pivots for 2021



2020 sure has been a challenging year for business owners! In today’s marketplace, businesses are becoming more competitive and creative as a necessity for their survival. The recent uptick in coronavirus cases has caused uncertainty in people’s minds and the marketplace. Due to limited capacity, cut hours at work, job losses, and people scaling back in general, it can be challenging for businesses to reach new heights and scale as they would in normal times.  2021 is around the corner, and now is an excellent time to start investigating ways to improve your startup or business and get through these difficult times. 

A computer sitting on top of a well oraganized desk. The computer screen displays the words "2021?"

How will your business or startup function in 2021?

We shed light on some ways businesses can pivot during this crisis and improve going into 2021. 


    1. Going Digital. When you go digital you remove the cost of renting a commercial space. Your business can utilize the power of the internet to make sales. It is also advisable to find a low-cost delivery service to help you scale your business and send off products to your customers who are not walking in to your physical space as foot traffic slows down. 
    2. Offer your services to the community. Right now many communities are negatively impacted by the virus and they are suffering greatly from job losses, and enduring the pervasive illness. If you’re in the restaurant industry offer meals to essential workers and individuals in the medical field. 
    3.   Hold Promotions. A contest is an excellent way to capture emails, build brand awareness, and create brand loyalty. A promotional contest can give prospective consumers an opportunity to sample your product or service and your existing customer base gets an opportunity to engage with a product or service from you that they already know and love. 
    4. Compliance. Be sure to cover your P’s and Q’s dot your I’s and cross your T’s. Transparency about the measures and protocols you are taking during the pandemic is very important. You will want to inform the audience about how you are staying safer and let them know that your brand is aware and observant.  
    5. Connect with a Mentor. Join a nonprofit organization that assists startups and business owners with advice on growth and pivoting during times of crisis. Mentors can help guide you through the process of getting financial assistance, networking, and obtaining new leads. In these unprecedented times, ask for help. 
    6. Stay abreast of the current events. You will want to know the current trends and status quo around the world when it comes to the pandemic, stock market, and real estate trends. 
    7. Innovation. You can change your product or service in accordance with what your target market is looking for during these times. Conduct surveys about their interaction with your product or service and conduct surveys about their individual needs and preferences.
    8. Virtual Events. A virtual event is a great way to connect with your niche specific audience or connect with new audiences. An easy way to connect with new audiences is to have the virtual events hosted by notable influencers related to your niche. These influencers will bring their audience members to your brand. Virtual events can be interactive and replace traditional conferences and conventions. You can connect with your customers, clientele, investors, influencers, and prospects in a safer setting and without all of the overhead costs associated with an in-person event. 
    9. Scale, scale, scale. When you pivot your business to be more immersed in the online world you can connect with customers from all over the country, if not all over the world. Join online marketplaces that would allow you to sell your products or services and reach new customers. Fulfillment should be done on a contractual basis with a delivery service. Delegate tasks in less expensive markets. This can be done by using a virtual assistant, shipping products directly from your own home, and working with fulfillment centers in less expensive parts of the nation or the world. Help make the experience for consumers easier when they shop for your product online. Make sure to create experiences that rival that of the competition.
    10. Marketing Strategy. You will want to have a defined marketing strategy that helps your business or startup navigate the coronavirus pandemic and Covid-19. The most effective marketing strategy will provide direction on relevant social media channels, how to leverage influencer marketing, how to leverage publicity, outreach, email marketing, lead magnets, demographics, psychographics, and relevant hashtags. An hour-long consultation can help you assess your goals and objectives and put a plan into action. Contact Alter New Media for your marketing strategy needs. We offer a 30-35 page marketing strategy document and hour-long consultations with our CEO, Nadya Rousseau. To date, we have serviced over 450 customers and clients worldwide. 

Conversions in what may seem like scarcity is pivotal. Pivoting your business is pivotal. When you make some simple inexpensive changes, ask for assistance, innovate, and get customer feedback, the transformation of your business or startup during the pandemic can help your business not only survive but thrive. Listen to the advice of others, take low risks when it comes to business endeavors, and expect high returns. Invest wisely, be optimistic, and be certain to have a scalable operation that lasts well past any tumultuous times.

LVL Up Expo 2020 in Las Vegas

Violent video games and their effects on the youth has been an ongoing debate. At this year’s LVL UP Expo held in February, gamers were invited to participate in a non-violent target shooting game entitled On Point. Participants were expected to score high points for shooting at targets in a target practice setting.No humans or animals are depicted and there are only targets to be shot at. There is a disclaimer that forbids gamers from aiming the gun at one another. On Point held the tournament Saturday and Sunday of the three day long video game, cosplay, and comic convention. The winner of the contest received a $1000 gift card. We spoke with Steve Tan about On Point’s influences, experiential marketing, and the safe non- violent gaming experience. In the advent of the coronavirus gaming is a great pastime while in quarantine. In times of a pandemic nonviolent skill growing gaming is a great way to spend one’s time. You can read our interview with Steve Tan here:

Steve Tan Interview

Steve Tan and the winners of the On Point gaming tournament held at LVL Up Expo.

The LVL Up Expo was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center February 21st through the 23rd.The Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) is an impressive 1,940,631 sq ft exhibit space, complete with eateries and vending machines. At this year’s LVL Up Expo there were many vendor booths selling trinkets, comics, manga, video game memorabilia, and collectibles from all sorts of fandoms. There was much in the realm of entertainment replete with live shows, cosplay contests, tournaments with commentary, and celebrity guest panels. Versus pro wrestling was there giving it there all for their fans, comic booths, and tons of fandom from many universes. There was truly something for everyone at any age to do at this expo. Many new and incredible products and spaces were unveiled at the LVL UP Expo This year.

Tuscan Highlands showed off their promoted their amazingly luxe residential resort community. This resort is Las Vegas style, amenities include a 10,000 square foot Esports arena with an onsite restaurant and lounge, and a 12,500+ square foot health club facility, and more.

Tuscan Highlands Residential Resort Community

We had the pleasure of speaking with representatives at Critical Comics, this is a wonderful organization local to Las Vegas, started by Tia Golden and Jason Golden, the organization is dedicated to bringing joy to children in hospitals, and sends volunteers dressed up as their favorite comic book character or superhero. They deliver comic books to kids and as a form of escapism for children experiencing hospital life.

Critical Care Comics Cosplayers

One of the vendors Manga De Japanese, came all the way from Japan to the expo to promote their Japanese language learning program. Manga De Japanese encourages Japanese language learning through manga and cultural exchange, encouraging people to learn the Japanese language through a pastime they already love.

Content creator, Playboy Playmate, cosplayer, and Twitch partnered gamer Holly Wolf did an informative talk and ended with an informative Q and A. Holly provided her audience and fans with information about being a successful content creator, and how to reach success with Twitch. She also discussed her career, juggling her personal life, and being a social influencer. She was happy to answer questions to the audience and we have an exclusive interview with Holly that you can view on the Nadya’s Entrepreneurial Corner YouTube channel, and yes Holly has a Patreon, OnlyFans and you can access digital downloads.

Links and social media:
Taito Games On Point: www.taito.co.jp/en/shironeko_nazo/mirror

Interview with Steven Tan of On Point by Taito Games

How has social media influenced your product?

Social media is one of the best representations of life mimicking art. We draw a huge amount of inspiration from posts, comments, trending hashtags and other interactions. We also have a very loyal and growing fan-base and because of this, we are able to talk directly to our end consumers and draw inspiration for ways to not only improve our existing lineup but also invent the new games of the future. This one-to-one connection is one of our greatest assets.

Is there an influencer you are working with right now you’d like us to know about?

We work with a lot of influencers and media to get the word out about our products. We can’t choose just one, we love them all. Although the Stormtroopers who made an impromptu stop at our On Point esports competition at LVLUP was a highlight for sure.

What does experiential marketing mean to you? and how has it helped you reach your target audience?

Esports is by far one of the greatest avenues for experiential marketing. There is no better way to share the passion, attention to detail and unbound creativity of a new game than to have hoards of game enthusiasts not only play our games for the first time but compete for a tournament title. We see the opportunities to take our esports experiences to the next level as endless, so be sure to check us out at our upcoming shows.

How is On Point a safe non-violent game even with its focus on shooting?

We have a bunch of safety features that limit the possibility for someone to get injured, but above all that On Point is really just a modern throwback to Nintendo’s Duck Hunt. It is about the competition of who has the best aim, the fastest reflexes and the ability to track a moving object. We do not use real-world scenarios in our game and we really push the player to focus on mastering their timing and precision. The world’s most industry-defining arcade games from Dance, Dance Revolution to Whack-a-Mole all focus on those same core skills.

To read more about your LVL Up Expo 2020 Adventures click here: LVL UP Expo 2020

Visit their website here: www.taito.co.jp/en/shironeko_nazo/mirror