Alter New Media – Powering Outer Edge LA’s Media and Community Relationships

Alter New Media has been making waves in the media and marketing industry with its innovative approaches to building strong relationships between brands and their audiences. Recently, ANM handled the media and community partnerships of a unique event: Outer Edge LA.


Outer Edge LA is an experiential celebration of all things at the edge of Web3. It’s a cross-cultural convergence combining technology and creativity to explore Web3’s intersection with entertainment, music, the arts, fashion, and more. This year’s event was even more exciting, with panels, workshops, and offsite events that invite attendees to immerse themselves in the experience and build and shape it.

ANM’s involvement in Outer Edge LA focused on two key areas: media and community relationships. As experts in these fields, ANM was a natural fit for the event’s organizers, who needed a partner to help them spread the word about the event and build strong connections with the community.


For ANM, working on Outer Edge LA was a chance to flex their creative muscles and bring their innovative approach to community building to a new audience. The event perfectly fitted ANM’s mission of building strong relationships between brands and their audiences, and the team was excited to get to work.


ANM’s team of experienced professionals worked tirelessly to create a strategy that helped to reach the event’s target audience and generate excitement. As part of our involvement in Outer Edge LA, ANM managed the event’s media relationships. It included developing a comprehensive media strategy that helped to spread the word about the event and generated buzz.


In addition to its work on media relationships, ANM also managed the event’s community relationships, which involved building connections with the community and working to ensure attendees had a great experience. The team worked closely with event organizers to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that would encourage attendees to engage with each other and build meaningful connections.

ANM’s involvement in Outer Edge LA continued, however. Nadya Rousseau, ANM’s founder and CEO, was invited to speak at the event. Nadya brought her unique perspective on community building and marketing to the stage, sharing insights and strategies that helped attendees build stronger connections with their audiences.


Overall, ANM’s involvement in Outer Edge LA was a resounding success. The event was a hit with attendees, and ANM’s contributions helped to make it a truly unique and engaging experience. As ANM continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the media and marketing industry, events like Outer Edge LA are a testament to our commitment to innovation and creativity.


If you want to learn more about Outer Edge LA and ANM’s involvement in the event, check out their website. With a diverse range of panels, workshops, and offsite events exploring the intersection of Web3 with various industries, this year’s event was an unforgettable experience. Stay tuned for next year!

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